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Welcome to my website, thank you for visiting.

This website is still under development - I will be adding a few more galleries and images to the existing ones.  Also, I will probably group some of them in clusters as I have done with the Camargue galleries.  Additionally, I still have some of the French translation to complete : please come back to check out for updates or, if you are to complete a contact form, I'll send an email to let you know of any changes I make.

A little about me :  

I live about 20 miles west of Glasgow in central Scotland which gives me easy access to much of Scotland.  As a physics graduate with an interest in optics, photography has always been one of my many interests and one which has become rather more of just an interest over recent years.


Having visited France frequently for family holidays for a few decades, I have been going there more frequently and for longer periods.  I am now in the fortunate position that I have been able to travel there for photography as well as all the other reasons one might go there.


Although I have visited many regions of France (particularly the Atlantic coast, the Pays de la Loire and in the south of France.)  Recently, my travels have taken me to the Languedoc-Roussillon region and the Camargue.


Much of my photography is wildlife including macro - which I have particularly enjoyed

exploring in the south of France.  Wildlife is by mo means the only genre of photography which interests me…… anything that takes my interest is likely to become a subject.

My first “serious” camera was a Nikon FM which I bought after handling cameras made by a number of other manufacturers and finding that the Nikon was which I felt “fitted” my hands best.  I still have that camera and it still works perfectly some 40 years later.   I continue to use Nikon camera bodies and lenses with a couple of third party lenses.

I was recently awarded a Licentiate in photography by the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (LSINWP) with a panel of macro images. 

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